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About Teddy the Guardian

What is Teddy the Guardian and how does it work?

Teddy the Guardian is the first and only smart teddy on the market, equipped with sensors that monitor your little one’s well-being. Combining your child’s favourite toy and cutting edge, touch based technology, Teddy the Guardian becomes the most child friendly way to check up ambient conditions and vital signs of your kids. All medical data is shared and managed simply by holding the Teddy’s paw. Sensor board has a Bluetooth low energy communication built-in, through which it communicates to a central collector, a smart mobile device with a companion App. With Teddy the Guardian you can seamlessly monitor vital signs and other information about your children without stressing them and causing discomfort.

Which material is Teddy the Guardian made of and in which color?

Teddy the Guardian is made of certificated baby polyester plush material and therefore is completely safe for your children. Teddy comes in light beige colour and his dimensions are ideal - 30 centimeters of height, 25 centimeters of width and weighs only 200 grams.

Where can I buy Teddy the Guardian?

You can buy Teddy online via our website. By clicking on Buy Now button you will insert all the information that we need to send you your Teddy, and you can see all the information about shipping and lead time for delivery for the chosen product version.

What comes in Teddy the Guardian package?

When you buy Teddy, in the box you will get Teddy the Guardian plush toy with selected sensor in the plastic enclosure in Teddy's paw and Printed User manual with one year guarantee.

Is the toy washable? How can I wash it?

Teddy the Guardian plush toy is washable. You can wash him manually or put him in the washing machine on 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). After washing we advise air drying the Teddy, or using the dryer set to the lowest temperature.
Don’t forget to remove electronic housing from Teddy’s paw, it is very important to remove all electronic parts from the toy before washing.

What is the main difference between Teddy the Guardian and any other toy?

Teddy is a specially designed toy that has a sensor in his paw for measuring ambient conditions and vital signs.
We are taking special care of materials from which Teddy is made of. Our Teddy passed safety tests and received certificates that ensure safety during play.
Special attention was given to the sensor placing inside Teddy - we have a double protection to ensure that children are not able to get in contact with the electronic in the plastic enclosure: strong Velcro fastener and plastic enclosure with strong thread.

In which way will Teddy the Guardian help my children?

When your child doesn’t feel very well, cold medical devices can additionally stimulate a sense of anxiety and lengthen recovery time. With Teddy you will be able to monitor your children’s health condition through play and enable your little one’s to stay calm through the healing process.
Your mobile App will collect data, display a history of results and generate alarm in case a preconfigured threshold limit is reached.

What do I need to know while my child is playing with Teddy?

Teddy the Guardian is a functional plush toy that contains electronics. Always be present while your child plays with Teddy, because functional toys should be used only with parent supervision.
Don’t let them open the plastic enclosure as electronics inside are composed of small parts that can be swallowed. Keep plastic enclosure out of the reach of children.
You can remove the plastic enclosure with electronics at any time and let your child play with plush Teddy with no fear.

How does Teddy the Guardian track your children's vital signs?

Sensor captures infrared rays from the skin and sends the gathered information to the processor. Processor then filters and calculates all the data and sends it via Bluetooth to the phone for final processing, so you can see the result.
You will notice that the outer circle on the screen is loading while sensor captures the data and calculations and processing are in progress. Reading will appear on the screen as soon as the measuring is done.
You can easily find the list of all measurements in Reports section. All your data is shown in tabular and graphical form.

How do I know that the measurements are accurate?

Teddy the Guardian is not a medical device and therefore can not be a substitute for certificated medical devices. When you get the result that is higher or lower than normal, we advise you to double check the measurements with conventional medical device.

On which parts of the body will the sensor give the most accurate results?

You can measure temperature in three ways:
1. By laying a finger on the sensor. Use a thumb to get better results.
2. By putting the sensor on forehead.
3. By hugging the toy and placing the sensor under arm.You can measure heart rate and oxygen saturation by laying a finger on the sensor, we also advise you to use a thumb to get better results. Make sure that the finger covers the whole sensor with infrared light.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. Teddy the Guardian offers a 14 days return policy. In order to get a refund you need to return undamaged Teddy plush bear, sensor inside plastic housing, original box with user manual and invoice. Otherwise the product cannot be returned. Shipping cost are covered by the purchaser.
To request a refund, please contact us at

Technical specifications

What is the difference between hardware and software part of the Teddy?

Hardware includes the electronic part of the product with the sensor in the plastic enclosure runned by coin battery. Software part includes the proprietary mobile App that is connected to the sensor via Bluetooth. Sensor captures the data from the skin and sends it to the mobile app. User friendly App shows and stores the results and enables users to manage the obtained data.

What type of batteries should I use for Teddy? How long does the battery last?

Teddy’s sensors are powered with a coin battery CR2450. You can buy this battery in most retail and online stores. Battery lasts up to 140 days. You can easily replace the battery - just open the enclosure by unwinding the lid and put the battery in the battery holder. Pay attention to the right polarity and make sure the battery poles are placed as labelled (+ on + side).

Where can I buy batteries for my Teddy the Guardian?

Teddy’s temperature sensor is powered by a CR2450 coin battery. This type of batteries can be found in most retail and online stores.

How to replace the battery?

Gently open the plastic enclosure by unwinding the lid. Remove the old battery inside battery holder and put the new battery in. Make sure that you place the battery on right poles, + on + side.

What to do with used batteries?

In accordance with the WEEE Directive it is necessary to separate EE waste. The dumping of electronic waste as unsorted municipal waste is forbidden. It is mandatory that such waste is collected separately from other waste. On the Ministry of Environmental Protection website you can find authorized collectors for recycling electrical and electronic waste, or find stores where are designated places for EE waste disposal. For more information please consult the WEEE Directive

What to do with the plastic housing and electronics inside, when it becomes waste?

Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. When your sensor becomes waste, you need to separate plastic housing, battery and electronics inside plastic housing. The housing can be disposed of with other plastic waste. Although our electronic doesn’t contain lead and other harmful metals (RoHS standard) you need to dispose electronics in separate place from other waste. Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your authority or retailer for recycling advice.

Can I use the sensor without the toy?

Yes, you can. Main reason why we decided to put the sensor in the toy is to make the sensor more appealing to children. You can put the sensor in any place that you want and use it the same as if the enclosure is inside the Teddy.
Just make sure that you place the finger correctly on the sensor and don’t forget to turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device so you can get the results.

Can I use Teddy without an mobile app?

You can use Teddy simply as a plush toy without the sensor. For using the sensor and getting vitals results you will need the mobile app on your mobile phone.

What if the sensor inside Teddy doesn’t work?

There can be few different reasons why it seems that the sensor is not working:
1. If you are using the sensor for the first time make sure that you have connected your mobile app and sensor via Bluetooth.
2. If this is not your first time using it, the sensor is probably in sleep mode. Just tap the sensor to wake it up and the connection will appear on the mobile app in a form of darker, clearer icons that are ready for usage.
3. If there is still no change, check if the Bluetooth is turned on. If it is not, just go to Settings on your mobile phone and turn it on, then try to connect the sensor again.
4. If you are connected via Bluetooth, disconnect and try to connect again.
5. If none of the solutions helped, try to uninstall the app and install it again.
6. If the sensor does not show any activity after you have tried all of the previous steps, your battery probably ran out, so replace it with a new one.

Do I have a warranty on Teddy the Guardian?

You have a one year warranty on your product from ID Guardian Company and your warranty comes within the Teddy package.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes we do. If you do not like Teddy the Guardian, you can send it back to our company address within 30 days. You need to return Teddy together with box, Manual, one year guarantee and sensor.

Can I repair any part of the hardware by myself?

ID Guardian is not responsible for errors due to incompetent handling. If you have any problems with sensor or any other part contact our customer support on, we will contact you and do our best to help you. Please don’t try to fix the sensor hardware by yourself. You should only change the battery by following the instructions given to you in the User manual.

Teddy the Guardian App

Which devices are compatible with Teddy the Guardian App?

Teddy the Guardian app is compatible with iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. To be able to install the app on your phone, you have to have iOS 7.0. or higher.

Can I keep track of more than one child in the Teddy app?

You can enter and keep track of as many children that you want. Software is designed to be useful for parents and also for kindergarten teachers, educators and caregivers.
When you open Teddy the Guardian app you will notice a plus sign (+). When you click on it new tab will open - Add a new child. You can insert child’s picture, name, date of birth and gender. After entering all data press Save.
When you press the home button on your app you will see all the profiles that you have created, manage between them and edit them.

What are icons on the Home screen bottom for?

Icons on the Home screen bottom are used to enter Reports, Events and Notifications.
All of the measurement results are stored in the Reports section of the App and are displayed in tabular and graphical form. You can access the results and keep track of vitals trends at any time. Readings gathered with the sensor are automatically stored in the table labeled by date and hour. To have a clear insight into temperature trends, use Graph feature within Reports that are directly connected to the tables.
If you need a reminder on any upcoming events, just set the alarm to notify you on time. With Events feature you can store all the information needed in one place.
We will inform you about any news, new products, new features and upcoming events, just keep track of your Notifications.

How to connect Teddy the Guardian app with the sensor?

Communication between Teddy’s sensor and mobile application happens via Bluetooth smart device module.
By following 5 simple steps you will be able to pair Teddy and the app.
1. Download Teddy the Guardian app to your mobile phone via App Store or Google Play.
2. Start the App and wait shortly for the sensor and the App to perform initial pairing.
3. The connection between temperature sensor and the App will be established by turning on the Bluetooth on your mobile device.
4. In the event of a connection loss between the toy and the mobile App it is necessary to move Teddy again to turn the sensor on.
5. Once the toy and the App are paired, Teddy’s logo on the App screen turns
brown. After connecting, you will be able to use all the functions that are available in the menu within the App.

Is the wireless communication harmful for my child?

No. Teddy the Guardian uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your mobile phone. The radio waves that this wireless communication produces are more than 10 times below the radio waves of a mobile phone.

I'm having problems synchronising with the app, what should I do?

If you have already gone through all the steps on how to pair your mobile app with the sensor, please check that your battery poles are placed as labelled ( + on + side ).
When you are using the app, Bluetooth needs to be turned on. Go to your mobile Settings and turn Bluetooth on. If it’s already on then turn it off and on again.
Then tap and move your sensor again to turn it on.

Who will have access to my data?

All the data is stored and visible on our server. If you don’t want the mobile app to send the data to the server, simply go to the home menu on your App and choose No on the slider that answers the question: Send data to server. Then all your data will be only seen locally - it means that only you will have access to your data on your mobile phone. The information on our servers is secure and special care is taken to ensure the privacy of our users and their information. By sharing the data to our server you are giving us insights into usage of our products and helping us to improve our products and services.

Can I add or delete my measurement data?

You can add data simply by going to the Reports section of app. You will find plus sign on the bottom of the page - Manual input. New pop-up window will open and you will be able to enter the measurement result with date and time.
If you want to delete your data just select the measurement that you want to delete in the Reports section. When the pop-up window opens just select the recycle bin and your data will be deleted.

Does Teddy the Guardian automatically track temperature or do I have to manually enter it?

Teddy tracks temperature automatically. As soon as you put a finger on the sensor all data will be automatically sent to your app.
If you wish to insert values obtained with other devices, you can use the Manual input icon within the Report section. Manual inputs are labeled darker in the table, so you can distinguish them from Teddy’s results.

Do I need to keep my phone close all the time in order to save my data?

There is no need for that. You only need to have the mobile phone near you while measuring with sensor. Reason why your mobile phone and sensor need to be near each other is because they are connected via Bluetooth.

How do I manually enter my children's measurement results in the app?

Very easily. Simply find the Reports section in your app. In the Reports section you will find a Manual input section. When you click on it a new window will open and you will be able to enter all the necessary data.

What if my App doesn’t work?

Quit the app and delete all search history on your mobile home button and then restart the app again.
If that didn’t help try to download the app one more time from App Store or Google Play. Before installing a new app don’t forget to uninstall the app you already have.

What if I have a different type of technical issue?

We are happy to help you with any problems you might have. Fill out the contact form and we will answer you shortly.

What if I didn’t find an answer to my question?

If you couldn’t find what you were interested in, feel free to contact us. Fill out the contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

You can download the User Manual here: LINK

What does Teddy the Guardian package include?

Inside the package you will find Teddy the Guardian plush toy, temperature sensor in plastic enclosure, User manual and proprietary app. User manual will help you find everything that you are interested in: how to turn Teddy on, how to synchronize your Teddy with the proprietary app, how to replace battery, and many other instructions.

How to place the battery in the temperature sensor?

Inside Teddy the Guardian paw is located temperature sensor powered with coin battery CR2450. You need to remove temperature sensor from Teddy’s paw, open the enclosure by unwinding the lid and put the battery inside battery holder. Please pay attention to the right polarity. Make sure that battery poles are placed as labelled (+ on + side).

How to turn Teddy on?

You will not find on/off switch on Teddy’s temperature sensor. We designed it in the way that even the slightest movement will wake him up and turn it on. When your sensor is in sleep mode, only thing that you need to do is to gently tap the sensor and you will wake him up. After two minutes of not using Tedd’s sensor it will go back in sleep mode.

How to connect Teddy the Guardian with the App?

Firstly you need to download Teddy the Guardian app on your mobile phone via App Store or Google Play. Second step is to turn the Bluetooth on your mobile device. Via Bluetooth your sensor is able to communicate and send all necessary data to your mobile phone. When Teddy’s logo turns brown on App screen you will know that toy and the App are paired. After that you can start to use all functions available on your mobile App.

How to place the sensor to get good reading?

There is the three different places where you can measure your body temperature. You can measure your temperature by putting thumb on sensor, you can also put the sensor on forehead or place the sensor under arm. After placing the sensor in right position press temperature icon on the app. Hold the sensor until you get the results on screen.
For measuring ambient temperature just put sensor in the environment you want to check, press temperature icon on the app and read results.

How to track my temperature measurements?

Your Teddy the Guardian app helps you track temperature trends, alerts in case there is a significant temperature change, messages and notifications for events.
In Report section you can find all of the measurement results displayed tabular and graphical. Readings are automatically stored in the table, labeled by date and hour. You can also use Manual input icon within the Report section and enter all data you want.
Events section enable you to set the alarm and get reminded on your upcoming events.
Notifications will inform you about any upcoming events and news.

How to remove sensor from Teddy’s paw?

Sensor is placed inside Teddy and double protected in the way that children are not able to get in contact with the electronic inside plastic enclosure. We secure sensor in a way that we put strong Velcro fastener and protect him with strong thread. To remove sensor from Teddy’s paw gently dissolve the Velcro and take sensor out.

How to keep the plush Teddy clean?

In our Teddy the Guardian Manual, in Cautions & Safeguards section you can find all necessary information about safe handling with toy and sensor.
Teddy the Guardian plush toy is washable. You can wash him manually or put him in the washing machine on 30 degrees celsius (86 fahrenheit). After washing we advise air drying the Teddy, or using the dryer set to the lowest temperature.
Don’t forget to remove electronic housing from Teddy’s paw.




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