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Teddy the Guardian


Personal fuzzy guard with special powers


Teddy the Guardian has been carefully created to represent the perfect guardian for the little ones. He is the first smart teddy bear on the market, equipped with a sensor that measures body, skin and ambient temperature.


Made in Europe from carefully picked finest materials to provide soothing and comforting experience for children and their parents, machine washable to maintain soft and fresh feel.


Your personal fuzzy guard is made from a special - super-soft plush material in gentle creamy color, but the real magic happens inside. His 12 inch height is just perfect for long soft hugs before bed-time.


Teddy holds the sensor safe in his specially designed paw allowing only parents to take it out before washing.

The Button

Special Power: Measuring body and ambient temperature


Teddy gets his special powers from the electronic module connected to a mobile app.

Teddy's sensor and all electronic parts are safely placed in the enclosure looking cute as a button.

Bring Teddy to life by placing the CR2450 coin battery in the holder.

The accelerometer in the button will make sure Teddy wakes up even with the slightest movement, and will also put him in the sleep mode when he’s not in usage.

The Button is wirelessly connected and sends all collected data to the mobile app.

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teddy iphone app


The App


Teddy the Guardian mobile app is available on App Store and Google Play.

The app helps to track and manage detailed information in a very simple and intuitive manner.
Our user friendly design makes it easy to find out if the temperature is dropping or rising, schedule reminders and share data with the ones that matter the most.


How to use Teddy the Guardian

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1. Lay a finger on Teddy's super paw or place it under your child's arm.


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2. The sensor sends the data to the mobile App.


Teddy screen



3. By pressing the temperature icon on the app you will see the results.

Tech Specs & Details

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Dimensions & Weight
Size: diameter 46mm x height 20mm
Weight: 75g
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Power & Battery
Battery life: Up to 140 days
Battery: CR2450
materials tan
Casing: Child safe plastic
The Toy: Finest plush
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Sensor & Interface
Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE
Tri-axis accelerometer
Bio-impedance: Temperature