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The Tall Giraffe

Teaches your little angel to stay healthy and stand tall


The tallest member of our toy family knows how to motivate your child to keep the right body posture and measures activity level.


On her collar you can find a clip containing specially designed detachable button, with hidden sensors inside. She teaches your little angel to stay healthy and stand tall.


The Giraffe is made in Europe from carefully picked finest materials, to provide soothing and comforting experience for children and their parents, machine washable to maintain soft and fresh feel.


10 inch in height makes her a perfect playtime companion and yellow polka dot plush and satin accents make her no ordinary giraffe, but a special friend.

The Button

Special power: Measuring body posture and activity level


Unlike other Guardian animals special powers, our Giraffe shares hers with anyone and anywhere, just by taking the clip attached on the collar.

The Button inside is powered by the CR2450 coin battery and all of her magic is safely placed inside a plastic and rubber enclosure.

Just like our other Buttons this one is also connected to a mobile app. Besides monitoring posture, the accelerometer keeps track of your child’s activity and will wake up even with the slightest movement. 






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The App


The Guardian Animals app will be available on App Store and Google Play right before you receive your package.

The app helps to track and manage detailed information in a very simple and intuitive way.


Our user friendly design makes it easy to find out whether good posture and advised levels of activity are maintained and gives you the possibility to schedule reminders and share data with the ones that matter the most.

How to use The Tall Giraffe

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1. Take the button clip from Giraffe's collar.


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2. Put it on your little ones t-shirt, belt or shorts to track activity and posture.


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3. Press the steps icon to see daily results on the App.


Tech Specs & Details

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Dimensions & Weight
Size: diameter 46mm x height 20mm
Weight: 75g
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Power & Battery
Battery life: Up to 140 days
Battery: CR2450 or 250mAh 3.7V Rechargeable
materials tan
Casing: Child safe plastic
The Toy: Finest plush
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Sensor & Interface
Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE
Tri-axis accelerometer
Tri-axis gyroscope Motion-based activity