ID Guardian vision is to help the world understand and learn from biometric data.


We help you to better understand the most sensitive members of your family and community.


ID Guardian provides innovative monitoring solutions for capturing data in a seamless way. We are building an ecosystem that turns any object into a connected bio sensing device. We help businesses understand their customers by connecting them through smart IoT system, and also we help consumers understand their bodies using the friendliest devices.


Our solution to that is by using friendly devices we capture responses and feed that data into a proprietary biometric insights platform that enable decision making for customers. Using the latest wearable and mobile technologies we complement the current research processes and existing devices by providing deeper insights and emotional understanding through an intuitive cutting edge solution. Our modular devices can capture, transmit wirelessly and analyze temperature, HR and Sp02, HRV, EDA, EEG, audio and video data.


ID Guardian has developed a technology connecting both elements, consumer and enterprise solution - Platform for biometric devices that collects the data and interprets the results to get valuable insights into human emotion and behavior. Because you need more than just numbers, we provide you the context on behavior patterns, stress, excitement and other emotional states and use those insights to create the most comfortable atmosphere.


A range of most commonly used sensors can be attached to any object, so our white label products are voted to be among top 10 game changing innovations in the connected home by TIME magazine and our solutions are licensed and used by Fortune 100 companies worldwide.


The example of using modular devices is Teddy and the Guardian animals, smart plush toys with embedded sensors that monitor child’s well-being. Data from the sensors is transmitted wirelessly in real time to the mobile application where the results are visible. Except the current result the application stores each obtained result for analysis or display, and follows the trends of increasing and decreasing results in time.


With Teddy the Guardian and other similar products we can seamlessly and insensibly monitor vital signs and other information about people without stressing them and causing discomfort. The toy is a familiar item that is comfortable for the child, and the child will then more readily and more calmly endure a healthcare environment.