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    First smart teddy bear on the market
  • Captures medical data
    sends it to a mobile app
  • Teddy the Guardian
    child-friendly medical solution

Little about us

Teddy The Guardian looks like a normal plush teddy bear. He's got big ears and a squishy nose. And he feels soft and warm to the touch. The difference is what's inside. He's full of sensors to track the vital signs of the kid who is playing with him.

Developed in the EU, Teddy The Guardian is carefully designed to enable pediatricians,medical staff as well as parents in the later phases to have a clear, structured, reliable and frequent enough insight into essential health parameters like heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and stress levels by deploying innovative and children friendly approach disguised in a plush bear. When a child holds the bear close and interacts with him, readings are sent to a tablet, smartphone or a web application making pediatricians job easier, results more relevant and children less stressed out.

Introducing The Bear

Teddy the Guardian is a plush bear with embedded certified medical sensors that measure child’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, and body temperature seamlessly during the play, capture and send the data using wireless technologies to pediatrician’s app. Every time a child takes Teddy The Guardian by the hand or puts Teddy’s paw on his forehead sensors detect the values, capture them and transmit in real time to a mobile app where data is analyzed, visualized, managed and downloaded by the medical staff and parents.

Pediatricians’ ally on the mission

The idea behind disguising medical tech in a lovable toy is to provide pediatricians as well as parents with more accurate, consistent and reliable data points that will give a meaningful and complete insight in the child’s health condition. However, when a child is stressed out about going to the doctor or spending time in a hospital, his or her vital signs will be skewed and medically less relevant. Taking data points when the child is in a neutral emotional state can give doctors a wealth of good information to establish trends and track improvements.

Leveraging innovation

Our company leverages innovative exponential technologies combining state-of-the-art medical sensors, Big data potential and open-source platforms. Teddy The Guardian is created, developed and executed by our exquisite visionary team of health marketers, data analysts and developers supported by the most prominent experts in medical industry. Certified medical sensors, unique interactivity options and individual design defining Teddy are tailored for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.


Bear Love

Experience first truly unique, child-friendly medical solution and turn your little patients' time at the doctor’s into something they will love.


Let Teddy The Guardian track child’s heart rate, level of oxygen in blood and body temperature seamlessly during the play and in the real time.

Data access

Relevant data flow provides value. Have it collected, structured, analyzed, visualized and interpreted on a tablet, web or mobile app.

24/7 Support

Rely with confidence on our amazing team that is here around the clock to provide support, maintenance, upgrades and reports on data collected.

What do Teddy enthusiasts say about us?

I think this is a great idea, because even adults have a hard time relaxing when having their vitals taken. Natalie, BeyondbasicPlay.com
... But what if they could measure heart rate, oxygen levels, and temperature with something that was a little more… cuddly? Waracle.net
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The cutest healthcare app ever created. Keep your little angel protected, guarded, and monitored at all times. Rachel, zagg.com

Meet Chief Bear Officers

Josipa Majic


Sales and Marketing Manager • Founder @Teddy the Guardian and @IDerma • Worked on first remote patient monitoring systems and mHealth projects in CEE • Bachelor Degree in Business undergraduate program & Master in Managerial Informatics at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb

Ana Burica


Founder of IDerma and Teddy The Guardian • Studied at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration • Bachelor Degree in Business undergraduate program & Master in Managerial Informatics at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb

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