The Guardian Animals

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gyro naj

Special Power: Measuring body posture and activity level


Our Tall Giraffe teaches your child how to keep a good posture and live a healthy life from early age



temp naj
Special Power: Measuring body and ambient temperature

Teddy's paw seamlessly measures your little one's temperature within seconds

hrspo naj

Special Power: Measuring heart rate, heart rate variability and blood oxygen saturation

Our Lion with the brave heart will help you to check up heart rate and oxygen saturation


Smart toy line mala


First smart toy line with embedded biosensors


The Guardian Animals are the first smart toy line on the market; your own personal guards equipped with sensors that monitor your little one's wellbeing.


Combining your child's favourite toy and cutting edge, touch based technology, The Guardian Animals are the most child friendly way to check up on your little one.


By holding The Guardian Animal's paw the medical data is seamlessly shared and managed under your fingertips, so the time with your little one's can remain gentle and undisturbed.

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